2020 Thanksgiving Feeding Families Outreach Recap

by CDM Staff | 9 Dec 2020

Creflo Dollar Ministries is committed to being a stable resource in communities across the country. Part of this commitment includes doing our share towards reducing food insecurity for families in the communities that we serve, especially around the holidays. Thanksgiving is a time of giving thanks and bringing families together, and we believe that no family should have to go without a special holiday meal. This year, we partnered with food banks, housing projects, and civic organizations in multiple cities for our annual Thanksgiving Feeding Families Outreach to provide food boxes and covid-19 supplies, as well as encouragement and prayer.

Over 2,800 turkey meal boxes were distributed across World Changers communities. In Macon, Georgia, alone, over 28,00 pounds of food were dispensed by our volunteers in partnership with the Rotary Clubs of Macon and the Middle Georgia Food Bank. WCCI headquarters in College Park was intentional in addressing holiday food insecurity for children and seniors this year. In addition to distributing turkeys and meal boxes to 1,000 households, they served 200 senior citizens and provided 200 Wal-Mart gift cards to Atlanta Children’s Shelters. WCC-Houston volunteers partnered with the Houston Food Bank to assist with boxing food for community distribution and to provide prayer for those in need.

WCC-New York served 70 families of Alfred E. Smith Housing Projects with food, covid-19 supplies, and prayer with only six volunteers (due to covid-19 restrictions). The ministry of those six volunteers led five people to receive salvation right on the spot amid food distribution. This moment was uniquely special because WCC-New York adopted and committed to serve this community over 14 years ago. One resident remembered when Pastor Dollar visited and made the adoption commitment in 2006, and was appreciative that he is a man of integrity and kept his word to come back to the community.

WCC-Boston partnered with a local non-profit, Children’s Services of Roxbury (CSR), to provide Thanksgiving meals to families. CSR provides transitional housing shelter for 150 families who are seeking permanent housing; and our team of volunteers assembled Thanksgiving meals for all of them. Read some of the heartfelt testimonies from recipients below.

Creflo Dollar Ministries gives a big round of applause of gratitude and thanks to every volunteer that showed love and served their respective communities.  We are our brother’s keeper and carry each other’s burdens in love. As we continue to face these unprecedented times, nothing can stop the love of Christ from going forth for His people. We will continue carrying out our mission of “Understand Grace and Empower Change.”

2020 Feeding Families Testimonies:

Another woman was thankful for receiving the free turkey because she didn’t have any food in her house for Thanksgiving. She lost her job because of the pandemic; she prayed and asked God to help her. A few days later, she received a phone call inviting her to get a free turkey and box of food. She was also very grateful for the free face masks, hand sanitizer, and prayer she received. –WCC-NY

The Monday before Thanksgiving I was in the ICU at Boston Medical Center. When I was released from the hospital I came home and my family told me that food had been delivered. Thank you for our dinner this holiday. I wouldn't have anything if it wasn't for you. –MB

Our aunt came to visit and exposed our family to COVID-19 before the holiday. We are unable to leave until our quarantine is over. The CSR team delivered your donation to our front door. If it wasn’t for you, we would not have a Thanksgiving dinner. –ME

I am a single father who has been having a difficult time during this pandemic. Money has not always been coming in and I want to make my son proud. Thank you for your help this Thanksgiving. –MD

I am a mother of two and have been dealing with domestic violence. I have only just started to work on my self-confidence and address past trauma. Each day is difficult with some setbacks and some successes. I appreciate your kind donation to make for a successful day. Thank you. –JW

Thank you soooo much. I appreciate everything. I am a single mother dealing with mental health issues. I live with my grandmother and sister–who is the guardian of my two children. I have no income and struggle to show my family, especially my kids, that I can contribute. With your support, I felt able to contribute on Thanksgiving. –BB

The Children’s Services team dropped off a turkey and other holiday food on the front porch to maintain social distancing. I am a single mother with a teenager, pre-teen, and a grown child who helps care for his siblings. I was reunited with my teenage daughter and after months of hard work, we are making real progress. This Thanksgiving, we do not need to worry about buying a turkey amid a pandemic. Instead, we can focus on spending quality time together and looking forward to our future together as a family. –KPJ

I am a single mom with two young kids. This is the first holiday that our family is not spending together as one. My ex-husband and I are working on co-parenting our children and strengthening our relationship. With so much to be concerned about from the pandemic to our separation and its impact on our kids, your gift is so much more than food. We can focus on adjusting to our new family dynamic and sharing a meal for the first time in months. –LV