Poised to Make a Difference

by CDM Staff | 20 Jun 2022

So we ourselves should support them so that we can be their partners as they teach the truth” (3 John 8, NLT).

Did you know that Creflo Dollar Ministries has a strong presence in the United Kingdom and a growing footprint across Europe? CDM Europe was founded in London in 1996 with just one staff member after Pastor Creflo Dollar came there for a conference a few years prior. The ministry moved to Birmingham, UK, in 1998, the center of England that historically had been the hub of car and chocolate manufacturing. The office grew and, prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, had expanded to a staff of 13. As the ministry experienced the pandemic shutdowns, the team was reduced. The small but mighty office team now consists of three people who touch lives across the United Kingdom and Europe through prayer, outreach, and spreading the message of grace. The team is making plans to expand their reach with the message of grace and grow the Creflo Dollar Ministries outreach in other European communities.

Ministering during COVID

            Prior to the pandemic, CDM Europe would regularly share booklets on salvation, messages of hope, and other Creflo Dollar Ministries materials with various establishments and organizations, as well as individuals living or hanging out on the streets of Birmingham and other areas. Creflo and Taffi Dollar would come to Birmingham for speaking engagements and events that the team could build on across the region. The events from 2020 to 2022 were canceled due to onset of the global COVID-19 pandemic, but CDM Europe pressed on to remain engaged with their partners and friends. As a result, the ministry grew a thriving and interactive social media presence that connects their work along with the messaging of Creflo Dollar Ministries across Europe. In their local community, they interact with the homeless and those with food insecurity, providing food packs, as needed.

CDM Europe has been able to stay connected through Twitter, emails, and the ministry’s website. The team was able to operate and function as staff took turns rotating from the office to their respective homes. The office phones were directed to the staffs’ home lines as they continued to service the friends and partners who appreciated that the office was still open and could respond to their requests for support. They also continued to make courtesy calls to individuals and partnering institutions on their birthdays and partnership anniversaries. The majority of churches were closed but the ability of CDM Europe to be available early on was unique. During this time, they partnered with Birmingham Helping Hands to assist the homeless in the Birmingham city center. In the winter, they were able to buy woolen hats, gloves, and socks for people in need. This courageous team makes it their business to do their part in spreading the message of hope and grace, as well as providing solutions for community needs.

Unique Barriers

Although CDM Europe primarily works with English-speaking organizations within the region, many of the countries in Europe speak various other languages. An ongoing project for CDM Europe is to translate the ministry’s messages and products into different languages to lower barriers in spreading the gospel of grace. Prior to the current conflict in Eastern Europe, the team in Birmingham began working with a translator who translated the ministry’s materials into Russian. CDM Europe has many partners and friends who speak Russian but live in countries such as Germany, Portugal, Bulgaria, Hungary, and others. Ministry books, study notes, and monthly partner letters have been translated into Russian so that the message of grace can be disseminated throughout the Eastern Bloc. There’s even a ministry YouTube channel that has been translated into Russian to offer hope to those impacted by the global pandemic and war.

Creflo Dollar Ministries has expanded its footprint across the globe as a result of the work of CDM Europe. Don’t miss next month’s article as we explore more in-depth how CDM Europe works to win souls to Christ and help spread the message of grace across Europe. When we say that we are all in this together, we really mean it. Countless volunteers and staff across Creflo Dollar Ministries work around the international clock to be the hands and feet of Jesus. Every hour, someone anywhere in the world is benefitting from our collective work—together, we are World Changers!