The Faces of Canada Missions

by CDM Staff | 22 Mar 2022

Our writing team caught up recently with some of the Creflo Dollar Ministries-Canada team, Doug Whitehead (managing director) and Gerrick Denton (business and data analyst). To get the story of their journeys with the ministry. CDM-Canada is based in Toronto and currently has four full-time staff members and a volunteer who serves as a member of their board of directors and provides operational support for partner relations. Creflo and Taffi Dollar regularly hold ministry events in Toronto during which CDM Canada conducts informal connection meetings with ministry partners and staff. Though the COVID-19 pandemic required many activities to become virtual, the ministry is still spreading and making an impact across Canada.

Doug and his wife have followed WCCI since 2008. Upon a move to Toronto, his family searched for a local church but couldn’t find what they were looking for until World Changers Church Toronto opened in 2015. They became members and have remained connected since then because of the spiritual covering and teachings. “The Holy Spirit is ministering through Pastor. It’s wonderful!” said Doug.

Gerrick started watching Pastor Dollar on television in the late ‘90s and became a ministry partner. Interestingly, he sent correspondence to the ministry in the early 2000s saying, “Hey, if you ever open an office in Canada, I’d love to volunteer.” Little did Gerrick know that he would find what he was looking for in 2015 with the start of World Changers Church Toronto.

Daily Prayer at CDM-Canada?

            There has been a greater thirst for spiritual guidance since the COVID-19 pandemic began, and prayer requests are regularly monitored. CDM Canada and its partners have been diligent about connecting with other tools and resources such as the daily confessions. “We’ve been very diligent in making sure that they’re available on our YouTube channel and making sure the Bible studies are available,” Gerrick said. More and more people have responded to the office, saying that these resources have been a real lifeline for them during the isolating conditions of COVID. We’ve had more people request prayer for oppression and depression, job loss, and financial support. Many come back and tell us how impactful the daily confessions have been in their lives and take the opportunity to join the eChurch.”  

Prayer requests are received in the CDM-Canada office via mail, email, or phone. They’re assembled in a central location for staff to pray over them, then one staff member coordinates the response communications. According to Doug, “Everybody that has contacted us no matter which method, email, through the web, or phone, gets a response within a week of sending it in and again during our daily corporate prayer. We pray for all our partners and supporters of the ministry.”

Ministry Outreach

CDM-Canada impacts the lives of their fellow Canadians by being responsive to and available for the needs of others. For example, a partner in Huntsville, Ontario, found families that were really struggling at the beginning of the pandemic. They didn’t qualify for the government benefits at that time and had few options for help. CDM-Canada distributed food baskets and was able to minister through prayer circles in people’s backyards. It was a blessing for the ministry to be able to facilitate this outreach and be the hands and feet of Jesus; they received this letter:

To the whole team that came up from Toronto,

What an amazing blessings and a great surprise! The afternoon together brought a greater sense of community, belonging, togetherness, importance, value, and family. It’s what was needed even more through these days to months of isolation from before. Your hearts were generous in giving, encouraging and supportive, kind and thoughtful. From the people who donated their money towards the outreach to the shoppers, the packers to the team that brought them up, it just simply amazing to have been a recipient of all your generosity. It was overwhelming that day, a lot to take in. To hear from all of you, hear your hearts and more about Creflo Dollar Ministries, it was appreciated. The baskets were overflowing.

I live in an apartment building with many people who need this too so I shared my food items and extended the love with them. Together, we touched many hearts and that’s what it's all about—people.

Thank you so very much.

CDM-Canada truly represents the heart and vision of Creflo Dollar Ministries: understanding grace and empowering change. We’re grateful for their work in extending God’s grace and love to souls around the globe. We are all in this together—we are all #worldchangers!