A Failure You will Never Be

by Creflo Dollar | 6 Apr 2014

“There are things I’ve already written in your heart, said the Lord. I have written those things in your heart from the foundations of the world. And now, I’m about to stir it up out of you like a cyclone, like a tornado, it will come out of you. When it proceeds forth from your belly, it will be like a Tsunami said the Lord. For it won’t be strange to your inner man for you will know on the inside, I’ve always had that. But I’m about to shine the light upon those things that I’ve written upon your heart. And you are destined to be successful in that which I called you to. For I have no relationship with failures, and a failure you will never be, said the Lord. ”

- Prophecy delivered by
Creflo A. Dollar
Sunday, Apr, 6, 2014
Time: 10:00AM
World Dome