Be Glad and Rejoice, for the Time is Near

by Creflo Dollar | 30 Jul 2016


(Tongues) “For this is the place that I have called you to be in, that I might be the One that you want Me to be. This is the time that I’ve called you to, a time of great victory. For many may not know, neither will they understand that in these times to come, your faith will be grand. And I will cause great victory out of great defeat. Those who are willing, oh, they’ll come and see. They will see with great power and might how I will remove your enemy and tribulation out of sight, and with your faith, you’ll have the great fight. And we’ll know that even in the night, I will come and cause you to take flight, in great respect for the blood of Jesus and all that He has done. And you will finally, finally, see the Son. So rejoice exceedingly in this great day, because every step you’ll take, I’ll show you the way. And as we move and praise, and sing and shout, know for sure that I am removing all the doubt. For these days,’ sayeth the Lord, ‘will be great because of what I say to you, that even when you’re going through times of difficulty, it will be My mighty hand that will bring you through. You’re prepared, if you’re at rest. And at that place will you see My best. So is the time that has been prophesied before. So is the time that some are not expecting, but they’ll see it the more. But don’t you be afraid and shrink back in doubt and fear. Oh yes, My coming is very, very near. But rejoice, and don’t be sad for all the revelation that I will show unto thee. We’re going to have fun, and great victory. Just wait and see,’ sayeth the Spirit of the Lord. Amen.” (Tongues)

- Prophecy delivered by
Creflo A. Dollar
Saturday,July, 30, 2016
Time: 7:00 PM
World Changers Church ATL