“Do Not Fear—I Have Given You All Authority”

by Creflo Dollar | 14 Oct 2015

As I draw nearer and nearer to thee, make sure that you keep fear far from you. We are about to move into times of the manifestations of My glory,’ sayeth the Lord. ‘I will manifest My glory in the places where you release your authority, and surely you will see that I am a God of My Word. So take up your shield. Take up My Word. Take up My name, and move boldly with liberty and peace as a child operates around his parents knowing their rights, so you now operate in this earth knowing the rights that I have given unto you,’ sayeth the Lord. ‘You will be quite amazed with what you are about to see. What you are about to understand in these last days is that My power has already been to you. Now execute it. Exert it! Flow with Me in these last days, and I’ll see you soon,’ sayeth the Lord. ‘And all is well with you and your house right now if you will receive it, for I will not turn against the Word that I have released. It is strong, it is real, but it awaits your acknowledgment. So admit it’s so and move in it, and together we will cause great changes in this earth. Don’t be moved by what you see, and don’t fear what you see. I gotcha!’ sayeth the Lord. ‘And all will be well with thee. Amen.

- Prophecy delivered by
Creflo A. Dollar
Wednesday, Oct, 14, 2015
Time: N/A
World Dome