Do Not Worry or Be Dismayed: I Will Bring You Out

by Creflo Dollar | 10 Jun 2018

(Singing in the Spirit) “‘These days of great stress shall not arrest you in any way, for I AM your guard and your guide on this very day. And be not dismayed for the things you are about to see, for the victory that I’ve already caused in your life it will surely be. Oh, don’t fret, don’t worry, and don’t be dismayed, because I’ve already handled everything that will come your way. So prepare yourself, and worship, and praise My name, and I will bring you out in great victory, and I’ll do what I did with Jesus the same as I’ll do with you. So prepare yourself. Begin to dance where you would not dance. Begin to shout where you would not shout. And with everything that you’re dealing with,’ saith the Lord, ‘Oh, know of certainty, I will bring you out,’ saith the Spirit of the living God.”