I Will Come to You, So Rejoice and Be Glad

by Creflo Dollar | 19 May 2018

(Singing in tongues) “‘For I will come to you in great strength and boldness in these last days. Oh, don’t worry or fret, for I’ll be the one to help to convert, to train your ways. These are the days where great promises shall materialize and come to pass. For those of you that are in the body of Christ, there’ll be a sign; you’ll say, ‘At last, at last.’ For when these things begin to happen and you sense it in your spirit that it is Me, look around and notice all that were in bondage, and how I have set them free. For these will not be the days where you will see defeat after defeat after defeat that shall come. But you’ll see My mighty victory, and you’ll declare that I AM the one. The one who is come to declare My glory in this place, and upon you. And for the devil and his crowd, all that he does, it’ll be through. So here I boldly declare before you this day, the power of My Spirit is indeed the way. So arise unto righteousness, and keep your focus on Me. And in every endeavor of your life that you desire, I will be there to set you free. So these are the times to rejoice, and to be exceedingly glad. For these are the hours for My joy to arrive. So shout, and rejoice, and be glad again, and never forget I AM your friend,’ saith the Spirit of the living God.”