I Will Move You to the Next Level: Rejoice and Be Glad

by Creflo Dollar | 8 Jul 2018

‘For I remind you that this day, this is the day that we celebrate, because of what I have done and who I AM in you. But I will begin to move you to the next place and the next level in this season. And this next place and this next level in this season will be an outpouring of My grace. And to see My unmerited love being ministered throughout this age, it will surely bring enlightenment to those who have never seen before. For I AM removing the scales from their eyes. I AM removing the veil from their eyes. And those who could not see in times past will begin to see now, and great shall be My glory, and My manifestations upon thee. So for you,’ saith the Lord, ‘is a time of great peace, and is a time to enter into that great peace. You’ll not be without challenge, but if you’ll enter in through praise, if you’ll enter in through worship, and if you’ll enter in through conversations with Me, I will take you to a place, and I’ll show you what is to be. For I have given the Holy Spirit, who will lead and guide in every way. So don’t forget: in prayer, that’s the place you stay. For as you commune with Me, you’ll know more of Me,’ saith the Lord, ‘and I’ll begin to escort you to higher places in your life. I’ll begin to take dreams that I have given unto you, and cause them to become realities. I’ll begin to take your troubles and make from those troubles stepping stones to great glory. So now is the time to rejoice by faith, and allow laughter to minister to you in all kinds of ways. For this is the day that I have spoken of many, many years before, and you, now, My sons and daughters, you now will experience the great joy. So begin to rejoice, and don’t wait until you see it come to pass, but begin to rejoice and say by faith, at last, at last, at last,’ saith the Spirit of the Living God. Hallelujah!”