I’ll Bring About a Surprise for You, So Rejoice

by Creflo Dollar | 22 Jul 2018

“‘For the days that are before you should not be a signal for panic. For these are the days that will usher in one of the greatest revival moves that you’ve ever seen in this season. For all the trouble that you will see you will overcome, because of Me. So don’t fret or be afraid, but rejoice in My name. For these mighty times will usher in the unexpected,’ saith the Lord. ‘And as you have heard in times past, I’ll bring about a surprise. A surprise that will bring you to your knees in praise and worship, a surprise that will cause you to lift your hands and sing with great joy. For all that you have stood on and believed for Me to manifest, oh, prepare yourselves, for you are about to see Me produce My best. For these are great and awesome times that you may not see yet, oh, but what you’ll begin to understand, I’ll bring to you. I’ll understand that you know that your relationship with Me, and the things that you will do, I’ll surely go with you. I’ll minister to you, and I will protect you,’ saith the Lord. ‘And so, walk by faith, and not by sight, for the evilness of this land I will send to flight. For I have not forgotten you and the promise I have made. For yes, indeed, these are the final days. But for you, My child, My son, My daughter, I’ve prepared a table of knowledge and word and revelation that you’ve not seen yet. So I’m not done, but rejoice in Me, and have some fun. For we are about to see the manifestations of My glory. My glory shall increase in your homes. My glory shall increase on your jobs. My glory shall increase in thee. You just praise, shout, and dance, and you shall surely see,’ saith the Lord. Hallelujah!”