Look to Me, Focus on Me, and Keep Your Eyes on Me

by Creflo Dollar | 26 Apr 2017

(Tongues) “These are the days I have prepared you for. These are the times that you know of, and I have truly put myself in your place, so that you, now, through your faith, can lay hold of what I’ve already done. It is not going to be through your sorrow, your complaining, or your griping, but it will be through your faith in me. Look to me. Focus on me. Keep your eyes on me, and I’ll cause you to walk upon water. I’ll cause you to walk upon your circumstances, and I’ll cause you to conquer your situations. Look to me, not to yourself, but to me, and I’ll lead you into green pastures, and I’ll bring you to a place of peace. You don’t have to worry. You don’t have to doubt. There’s nothing you will go through, that I won’t bring you out. So, begin to rejoice, and be exceedingly glad, for all that I have promised shall surely come to pass. In Jesus’ name, amen.”
- Prophecy delivered by
Creflo A. Dollar
Wednesday, April, 26, 2017
World Changers Church