Rejoice and Walk in Peace, and You Will See My Glory

by Creflo Dollar | 24 Jun 2018

Many shall wonder, and ask in My name, ‘Should I be afraid to proceed because of intense shame?’ Many shall wonder, ‘Have I forgiven, and kept my word?’ Many shall even ask, ‘When I pray, am I heard?’ But I say unto you this day that My grace is sufficient for thee, and the things that I will manifest in you, you will surely see. You will see and understand the power of My love, and you will know and you’ll move in the power of that love. So, as I begin to re-arrange things with thee, and as I prepare My presence around all that you’ll see, you begin to rejoice and walk in peace. For I will begin to move as you stay on your knees. As you move in prayer with Me, prepare yourselves, for My glory you will see. And then you’ll understand that I haven’t left thee, but I walk with you all the way, so rejoice, and be at peace,’ sayeth the Spirit of the living God.”